The first strike of Konrath A. in 2017

This is a reflection on the destruction to your mind done by mortal shame inspired by „The Catcher In The Rye“. As always play it ALAP.

released January 7, 2017
Credits go for guidance to J.D. Salinger and Alejandra Friedman de Zokol

The Top 233 Of 2016

Happy New Year To All My Friends and Followers
As usual I write my list of favourites in music.
In this regard 2016 was a very fertile year.

This is my Top 233.
You may think 233. That’s easy. I have a ranking from 0 to 7. 7 is the best and can only given once. Everything above 4 is good and better than average what is 3 – 4. 

So this list has every album with a ranking above 4. I assums I missed some I didn’t digitized yet.
0-1 is disgusting.
1-2 ...  Weiter lesen